Frequently Asked Questions



What is your teaching method?

I have a traditional classical approach to teaching, which emphasizes a foundation in music theory, healthy technique, musicianship, and music history in addition to performance. I love for my students to appreciate and play the great composers as early as possible (usually by 4 months), and I customize repertoire choices for each student based on their individual strengths and weaknesses instead of using method books. I also write hymn and psalm arrangements for my students and offer instruction in hymn improvisation, for those interested.


How do you teach music theory?

Because music theory is the key to understanding how music works, it should be integrated into all other areas of music study. I integrate theory into weekly lessons, in addition to giving my students bi-weekly theory workbook assignments to do at home. Integrated theory is applicable and exciting instead of an irrelevant textbook subject, and it brings significance and comprehension to so many other areas of music. I teach my students to apply theory to their current repertoire, ear-training, memorization, improvisation, etc. so that they can know why they are doing what they are doing on their instrument. I love music theory, and it makes me so happy to help my students learn to love it, too.


What age do you recommend starting lessons on an instrument? 

I have worked with students as young as 3 years old, but I typically prefer to start lessons around 5. By that age most children have developed a strong sense of hand/body coordination that allows them to make in a few months the progress that would take a 2-3-4 year old a year or two to complete. If you would like your toddler to experience early music instruction, I offer music appreciation lessons for children under age 4.


How can I prepare my child for music lessons?

Nurturing a love and appreciation of music in your little ones is a wonderful way to prepare their minds, fingers, and hearts for music lessons. Here are 16 practical exercises and activities you can do to prepare your children for future lessons.


What will I need to purchase to start piano lessons?

  • Piano or Electric Keyboard ($200+)
  • Music Repertoire Books (Approx. $20)
  • Theory Textbook. ($5)
  • Spiral Notebook, for teacher notes. ($1)
  • Thin Binder, to hold theory sheets, copied music, and other resources. ($1)


What will I need to purchase to start violin lessons?

  • Beginner Violin ($200+) OR you can rent a violin until you are ready to buy – talk to me for details.
  • Tuner/Metronome ($15)
  • Shoulder Rest ($25)
  • Rosin ($10)
  • Music Stand ($12)
  • Music Repertoire Books (Approx. $25)
  • Spiral Notebook, for teacher notes. ($1)
  • Thin Binder, to hold theory sheets, sheet music, etc. ($1)


Do you offer discounts for families with multiple children in your studio?

Yes! Contact me for specific details.