There’s a New Little Musician in Town!


Alright, folks, he’s here!  Our little man, Winston Spencer, was born on April 25th — he is a precious little ball of kisses and chubs, and he has incredibly long piano fingers.

Or cello fingers.  <3

Either way, it’s been a wonderful week and a half since he’s arrived, and every day gets better and better.  It will be at least one week – perhaps two – before I resume posting.  I’m just waaaaaay too busy staring into his cute little face and kissing his adorable round nose.

Here are a few portraits I took of the little man during one of his afternoon naps.








Angelic?  I think so, too.  :)

Be looking for some new resource reviews, articles, and quick tips when I come back!

[P.S.  Here is our first family portrait!]






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