Repertoire Challenge: August Update



Well, Month One of my Repertoire Challenge is successfully completed!  My goal was to learn four pieces this month, and I actually got to work on five.  Yay!

It was challenging – the majority of my practice has to be hands separate with my 18-week-old on my lap.  He watches my hands move back and forth, sings along (loudly!), and even reaches out and touches the keys.  It’s SO cute.  He loves it, and I love having him right there with me developing an interest in music so young.

As much as I love it, though, it does make hands together practice scarce and very valuable.  I get an average of about 20 minutes HT a day. Very different from my previous 3-4 hours a day.

But that’s why I called it a repertoire challenge, right?  :D

So. Here is what I’ve been working on these last 4 weeks.


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learned || Scarlatti Sonata K. 141.  
This is by far the hardest piece for this month. I’ve intended to learn this sonata for years, and finally…  it happened! Scarlatti composed over 500 single-movement sonatas for the piano, and they are fantastic.  I love the playful interaction between hands, and the dramatic repeated notes in this one.  

But, boy, is it fast!  I’ll be speeding this one up for a while.  I’ll wait to officially cross it off my list until it’s a bit faster.  Check out Martha Angerich’s performance of it!



learned || Fur Elise.
This one.  It’s not hard piece, but since it is, in many people’s minds, the whole point of being a pianist, I thought I should make sure I could play it all the away through without bumbling.  ;)

relearned || Beethoven Sonata Op. 27, No. 2, Mvt. 1.  
The Moonlight Sonata.  A mysterious, dreamy, classic work of art that every pianist should learn at some point in their life.  So I did… again!

relearned || Chopin Nocturne in c# minor, Posth. 
Chopin composed a billion and one Nocturnes, and this is one of my favorites.  What a lovely piece!  Chopin was an incredible master of melody, and his creative genius really shines in this piece.  It’s great to have it under my fingers again.

relearned || Mozart Fantasy in d minor, K. 397.
One measure you have lazy arpeggios, the next you have furious chromatic runs. It’s very whimsical, and fantasy describes it well.  I learned this one back in 2006 for a Festival honoring Mozart.  It was fun to play back then, and it still is.


Me after performing Mozart’s Fantasy in d minor for the Mozart Festival. Please forgive the bad photo quality… it was 2006, after all. ;)


Click here to read the original challenge and see what my current progress is.

I’ll be posting some video clips on my Instagram profile in the next few days – go follow me to see the videos!

Next month I’ll be working on four new pieces, maintaining the pieces I learned this month, and continuing to speed up the Scarlatti.  It should be another busy crazy-daisy jam-packed few weeks!

Here’s what’s on the blackboard for next month:

Glinka, L’Alouette
Debussy, Arabesque No. 1

Bach, Italian Concerto, Mvt. 1
Pieczonka, Tarantella in a minor


Sooooo, on to a new month!  I’m looking forward to getting started on the new rep!


  1. Hannah

    What an accomplishment! Looking forward to hearing sound clips:)


    • Lacie Bowman

      Thanks, Hannah! I really wish I could upload the clips directly to my blog, but my platform will only accept embedded videos from youtube, vimeo, etc. Oh, well. Eventually. :)


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