My Music Goals for 2015


Happy New Year, friends!

The numbers  2 0 1 5  come with a fresh start, and if you’re like me, you’re focusing in on some new music goals for this new year. I’ve been having a great time these past few weeks looking ahead and jotting down my musical priorities for the year.

Here are the musical things I’m shooting to accomplish this year:

Personal Goals

// Maintain all pieces from my 2014 Repertoire Challenge.
// Learn or re-learn 1 new piece / month on violin & piano – 24 total.
// Relearn all Major and minor (natural, harmonic, & melodic) scales, arpeggios, inversions  (I, IV, V, MmVII), and cadences on piano.
// Memorize lyrics from 12 hymns.
// Coordinate Wartime Music for Remembering WWII. (Sept.)
// Perform (vocal) for Remembering WWII. (Sept.)
// Have Solo Violin & Piano Recital
// Read 5 of these books:

A History of Western Music (Grout)
The Treasures of Mozart (Irving)
Raising Musical Kids (Kavanaugh)
Piano Playing (Hofman)
Singing & Making Music (Jones)
The Perfect Wrong Note (Westney)
The Independent Piano Teacher’s Studio Handbook (Klingenstein)

// Write 8 new arrangements for violin, piano, and/or string ensembles.
// Complete an exciting project I’ve been working on this last year.  (Shhh, can’t tell you what it is yet…  It’s a secret. ;)




Studio Goals

// Expand my music studio.
// Expand my repertoire library and teaching materials – purchase at least 12 new music books for myself and/or my students.
// Organize & systematize my music area.
// Have my 1890s piano reconditioned.


Blog & Social Media Goals

// Expand The Music Blog & add some exciting new features & pages. (More on that soon!)
// Hit 100 blog posts. (59 to go…)
// Do 4 giveaways this year!
// Create 12 new FREE downloads for my free downloads page.
// Become more active more on Google+.
// Create a Youtube channel and post 12 videos by end of year – an assortment of studio and personal performances, teaching & technique tutorials, etc.

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And, finally… Planning for the New Year wouldn’t be anything with out a dream goal, right?  Of course, not. ;) So here goes…



I’ll keep you updated on my progress throughout the year…  In the meantime, I better go do something.  :D

What are some of your music goals for 2015?

Have fun & work hard, my friends!  <3

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