Join Us for Hymn Challenge 2016!

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When I mentioned that I had challenged myself to memorize one hymn a month in 2016 last week, several people said that they would be interested in an online “group” of sorts where we could encourage one another and hold ourselves and each other accountable on our hymn memorization goals this year.
So…. I started the Hymn Challenge 2016 page, where we can do just that!
Want to join us? The benefits are many and the guidelines are simple. Take a look:
– Study God’s character, love, and grace while memorizing edifying, God-centered hymn lyrics.
– Learn memory tips from other hymn-lovers.
– Learn more about the hymnwriters and their lives.
– Be encouraged by one another’s progress.
– Read devotionals drawn from hymns shared on the page.
– Help each other stay accountable by monthly, weekly, or daily (your choice!) updates on your memory progress.
– Have 12 hymns memorized by the end of 2016!
– Choose your own hymns.
– Start at any time.
– Always be kind and show the love of Christ in your interaction with others. <3
Want to join us? “Attend” the event, and let’s encourage each other all year long, okay? Here’s to 2016 and better memorization goals!

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