The Studio Heads Across the Country


Hi there.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted.  And I’m SO. SORRY.

But I have two really good excuses.  Really!  Reason-the-First is that the music studio has relocated all the way from Houston, Texas to Middle Tennessee!  We moved in February and have been quite busy unpacking boxes and looking for paired socks ever since.

It’s been great fun learning a new state and touring the gorgeous landscape in this part of the country.  I can’t wait to start a studio here and explore other music opportunities in the area.


Mr. Grand makes the dangerous trek into the truck.


But Reason-the-Second is even better!  Baby Bowman is due any day now! And THAT means I’ve been busy organizing onesies, reading baby care books, exercising, and stuffing my face with chocolate.  :]

I mean salad.


Photo courtesy of Jessica Courter.


Needless to say, the combination of moving recovery + baby preparation has effectively minimized my time for writing on here.

I hope to get back on schedule soon…   But I probably won’t be able to be fully consistent again until a few weeks after the little man arrives.  Cause once he’s born, ain’t nothin’s gonna distract me from kissing’ those fat baby cheeks.   ALL. DAY. LONG.  <3

In the meantime, I hope to resume a light posting schedule on here.  There are lots of exciting things happening, and I can’t wait to share the fun.


Photo courtesy of Jessica Courter.

So, stay tuned, friends!

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New Shipment of Books!


I just got a new shipment of music books in the mail!  I’m super excited to get to reading and reviewing this stack of books for The Music Blog.

Here are the titles…  Have you read any of these?  Thoughts?


New Shipment of Music Books | The Music Blog


For Teachers

The Independent Piano Teacher’s Studio Handbook 450 textbook-size pages full of tips for establishing a professional private studio.  The subtitle is “Everything You Need to Know for a Successful Teaching Studio”, and it looks like it’s going to live up to that claim.  Looking forward to going through this one!

That’s a Good Question: How to Teach by Asking Questions.   I’ve found that asking questions is one of the most productive ways to help my students take more initiative in evaluating their music.  I was excited to find a book that develops this idea.

For Students / Musicians

The Perfect Wrong Note: Learning to Trust Your Musical Self.  This one was recommended to my by a fellow music teacher and friend [who also happens to be my sister-in-law].  Looks absolutely fantastic.  Thanks, Lily!

Piano Playing with Piano Questions Answered.  Written by renowned concert pianist, Josef Hofmann.  The first half of the book discusses technique and style. The last half is a lengthy Q&A section on all things piano.  There should be some great insight here.

Singing & Making Music: Issues in Church Music Today.  There are a lot of opinions out there about music in the Church.  This author seems to address the topic without sinking to emotional, ad hominem arguments.  I hope it’s as good as it looks!

For Children

The Story of the Incredible Orchestra.  I’ve been looking for a good book for children on the orchestra, and it looks like I may have found it!  Recommended to me by a friend and fellow music teacher – thanks, Hannah!

Robert Schumann & Mascot Ziff.  From the Great Musicians Series by Opal Wheeler.

Ludwig Beethoven & the Chiming Tower Bells.  Also from the Great Musicians Series.

Meet the Great Composers: Book 1.  An anthology of mini-bios and musical activities about the great composers.  Fun!

Famous Composers & Their Music: Book 2.  Another anthology of mini-bios and musical activities about the great composers.  More fun.  ;)

Great Composers Coloring Book 

I’m going to go get busy reading.

Have any other great books you think I should get that aren’t already here or on the Music Resources pages?  Please tell me!  I love recommendations.  :)





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