Now Taking Violin & Piano Students!



So… After almost 2 years, a wedding, 3 moves, 1 baby, and another baby almost ready to arrive… I am SOOO excited to be taking students again!

I just added a new set of studio-related pages to my blog… Here is a sample of my Violin & Piano Lessons page.  Go check out the others, too!


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Hello! My name is Lacie Bowman, and I am a classically-trained violin and piano teacher offering private music lessons in Hohenwald, Tennessee.

I offer beginner to advanced classical violin and piano instruction with an emphasis on healthy technique, musicianship, music theory, and a love for music. Weekly lessons are devoted to current repertoire, integrated & textbook music theory, a variety of scales & other exercises, sight-reading, ear training, and classical music history. I also offer instruction in hymn improvisation for those who are interested.

I teach students ages 4 to adult, and I love to work with families and parent-child groups.  I value parental involvement very highly and welcome parents who want to be closely involved in their child’s music education and lessons.

“The Joy of Music is more than just the finished product;
it is also the beautiful process of getting there.”
Patrick Kavanaugh


Music lessons don’t need to be approached with fear, boredom, or dread – I love them, and I want my students to love them, too.  Encouraging enjoyable student-teacher interaction during lessons, building friendships between my music students, and developing a healthy, happy relationship between my students and myself are my priorities.  My goal is not to turn your child into a concert pianist, but to help him become a well-rounded, artistic musician with a love for sharing music with others. I want my students always to remember their music lessons with a smile in their heart that will last long after their music lessons are over.

Contact me for more information on private lessons & fees.

Lacie Bowman Music Studio

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And the Giveaway Winners Are…




239 entries later… We have 3 winners for the Music Giveaway!!!!

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Antoinette Konvalin (The Gift of Music)
Sarah Blair (Great Composers Coloring Book)
& Kellie Richardson (Music at Your Fingertips)

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Winners 2
Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to all of you wonderful musicians, music-lovers, and mommies & daddies who entered!!!  I had so much fun with this giveaway, and the great news is… The next giveaway will be in March! So don’t stay away too long!

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Until next time,
Lacie  <3




One year ago today, The Music Blog said hello to the Internet!

In celebration of The Music Blog’s 1st Birthday, I’m giving away
3 of my favorite music resources:

Music At Your Fingertips, for musicians.
The Gift of Music, for music-lovers.
Great Composers Coloring Book, for the little ones.

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…leave a comment and tell me which book you would like to win. I will choose 3 winners at random next Saturday, January 10th.

 Please Note: I am only able to ship to the continental US and Canada.

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||  The give-away ends next Friday, January 9th at midnight CST.  ||
Winners will be selected and announced January 10th here on The Music Blog!

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Now, here’s a bit about each book…  Have fun choosing!

IMG_8629For Musicians | Music at Your Fingertips

Ah, my musical friends, I love this book. The author is experienced, extremely practical, and to-the-point. In this book she talks about productive practicing techniques, musicianship, memorization, developing finger control, preparing for performances, listening, teaching, sight-reading, and more, and it’s wonderful. This is NOT a How-to-Play-the-Piano-in-5-Easy-Steps kind of book. It’s about learning how to handle your instrument like an artist.  Read my full review here.

IMG_8615IMG_8635For Music Lovers | The Gift of Music

I have used this book SO. MANY. TIMES. when studying composers.  It features 42 composers, and each chapter includes a quote, mini-bio, recommended listening list, and recommended reading list for further study. As a musician, I appreciate the scholarship, history, and education in this book.  As a Christian, I appreciate the authors’ analysis of the composers’ lives, priorities, and standards.



For Little Ones | Great Composers Coloring Book

I REALLY like this coloring book.  Each page has a illustration and a short description of the composer, so your little peeps can get to know the composer’s significance while becoming acquainted with his face.  The Illustrations are classic, and the descriptions (50-70 words each) do a great job sharing the most important aspects of the composers’ lives and work, along with a few fun music history tidbits to boot – a great way to spark your little ones’ interest in music history!
Read my full review here.

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Have fun, friends! :)

My Music Goals for 2015


Happy New Year, friends!

The numbers  2 0 1 5  come with a fresh start, and if you’re like me, you’re focusing in on some new music goals for this new year. I’ve been having a great time these past few weeks looking ahead and jotting down my musical priorities for the year.

Here are the musical things I’m shooting to accomplish this year:

Personal Goals

// Maintain all pieces from my 2014 Repertoire Challenge.
// Learn or re-learn 1 new piece / month on violin & piano – 24 total.
// Relearn all Major and minor (natural, harmonic, & melodic) scales, arpeggios, inversions  (I, IV, V, MmVII), and cadences on piano.
// Memorize lyrics from 12 hymns.
// Coordinate Wartime Music for Remembering WWII. (Sept.)
// Perform (vocal) for Remembering WWII. (Sept.)
// Have Solo Violin & Piano Recital
// Read 5 of these books:

A History of Western Music (Grout)
The Treasures of Mozart (Irving)
Raising Musical Kids (Kavanaugh)
Piano Playing (Hofman)
Singing & Making Music (Jones)
The Perfect Wrong Note (Westney)
The Independent Piano Teacher’s Studio Handbook (Klingenstein)

// Write 8 new arrangements for violin, piano, and/or string ensembles.
// Complete an exciting project I’ve been working on this last year.  (Shhh, can’t tell you what it is yet…  It’s a secret. ;)




Studio Goals

// Expand my music studio.
// Expand my repertoire library and teaching materials – purchase at least 12 new music books for myself and/or my students.
// Organize & systematize my music area.
// Have my 1890s piano reconditioned.


Blog & Social Media Goals

// Expand The Music Blog & add some exciting new features & pages. (More on that soon!)
// Hit 100 blog posts. (59 to go…)
// Do 4 giveaways this year!
// Create 12 new FREE downloads for my free downloads page.
// Become more active more on Google+.
// Create a Youtube channel and post 12 videos by end of year – an assortment of studio and personal performances, teaching & technique tutorials, etc.

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And, finally… Planning for the New Year wouldn’t be anything with out a dream goal, right?  Of course, not. ;) So here goes…



I’ll keep you updated on my progress throughout the year…  In the meantime, I better go do something.  :D

What are some of your music goals for 2015?

Have fun & work hard, my friends!  <3

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Repertoire Challenge 2014: Finis!


Beethoven Pathetique Sonata #classical #piano #music

It happened. The last day of 2014 has arrived, as well as the last day of my Repertoire Challenge. And I’ve finished the last piece.  IT IS DONE!

I’ve learned 24 pieces of music in the last 24 weeks… 112 pages, to be precise.  I’ve spent a lot of hours with Bach, Scarlatti, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Debussy, and many other wonderful composers…  and I loved it.

Here’s what the final 24 looked like:


Scarlatti Sonata K. 141 (12/22) 
Bach Fugue No. 2 in c minor (11/23)
Clementi Sonata in D Major, Op. 4, No. 1, Mvt. 1 (12/27)
Beethoven Fur Elise (8/30)
Brahms Waltz in Ab, Op. 59, No.15 (7/25)
Chopin Nocturne Op. 9, No. 2 in Eb (12/31)
Chopin Waltz Op. 69, No. 2 (12/30)
Greig Arietta, Op. 12, No. 1 (12/13)
Dvorak Humoresque, Op. 102, No.7 (11/25)
Granados May Song, Op. 1, No. 3 (12/14)
Debussy Arabesque 1 (9/10)
Debussy Clair de Lune (7/29)


Bach Italian Concerto, Mvt. 1 (10/3)
Bach Prelude No. 6 in d minor (12/19)
Mozart Fantasy in d minor, K. 397 (8/27)
Mozart Sonata K. 310, Mvt. 1 (12/31)
Mozart Sonata K. 331, Mvt. 3, “Alla Turca” (7/30)
Beethoven Sonata Op. 13 “Pathetique”, Mvt. 1 (12/20)
Beethoven Sonata Op. 13 “Pathetique”, Mvt. 2 (11/15)
Beethoven Sonata Op. 27, No. 2 “Moonlight”, Mvt. 1 (8/18)
Chopin Nocturne in c# minor (8/25)
Greig Wedding Day at Troldhaugen (12/27)
Pieczonka Tarantella in a minor (9/3)
Joplin Maple Leaf Rag (9/24)
My goal for this “challenge” wasn’t mainly to see if I could learn 24 pieces in 24 weeks with a newborn. It was to get rid of the “I don’t really have any pieces finished right now…” syndrome when I sat down at the piano. And you know what? It’s gone. It has been SO MUCH FUN to sit down and just play so many of my favorite pieces one after the other.
Now my bigger goal is to keep these pieces the rest of my life and add to them every year. If I can do that, I should be able to have all of Bach’s preludes & fugues, all of Beethoven’s sonatas, AND all of Chopin’s nocturnes by the time I’m 50, right?
Oh well, we’ll see. :D
I will now go celebrate with some hot chocolate and, um… well, cold chocolate.  :)
Have a Blessed New Year my friends! Persevere!

Lessons & Carols 2014


The Sunday before Christmas, my little family and I enjoyed a Christmas choir performance my sister was a part of – Lessons & Carols.  It was wonderful.  The carol arrangements & descants were beautifully unique, and they were performed well.

The choir sang several old favorites — O Come All Ye Faithful, The First Noel, Angels We Have Heard on High — but I also heard a few pieces that immediately became new favorites for me… especially Carol of the Star by Donald Moore. You have to hear it.  It’s breathtaking.




This was my tiny man’s first concert, and he enjoyed every minute of it.  I’m pretty sure he studied every person in the choir, instrument ensemble, and audience.  :)  He didn’t fuss once!!



Collage 3



My sister with the choir’s gracious and talented director, Mrs. Christy Stouffer. What a wonderful evening. I’m really looking forward to next year.



The Christmas Scale

Merry Christmas from The Studio!!

I will be back with some exciting plans for the new year, but until then
I will leave you with this beautiful video.

Joy to the World, the Lord is Come.

Have a beautiful Christmas remembering the faithfulness of our Savior.

Merry Christmas, my friends!

“It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas…”: Decorating with Music


Christmas could be my favorite time of year just because of the decorating!

And the food.

And the beautiful music and presents and family time and wassail and dressing up.

Okay, basically everything.

But the decorating!!!  Incorporating music into my Christmas decor is SO. MUCH. FUN.  Here’s an itty bitty taste of the musical theme around my home this December.  <3

A Classical Christmas | Lacie Bowman Music.

A Classical Christmas | Lacie Bowman Music

A Classical Christmas | Lacie Bowman Music

A Classical Christmas | Lacie Bowman Music
This ornament was given to me by violin teacher when I was 12, and after all these years it’s still one of my favorites – a great reminder to give my students gifts that will last. <3


A Classical Christmas | Lacie Bowman Music
Our Little Drummer Boy. ;)

A Classical Christmas | Lacie Bowman Music

A Classical Christmas | Lacie Bowman Music

A Classical Christmas | Lacie Bowman Music


And to think I have a whole bag of instrument ornaments that never made it on the tree!  Ah, well.  There’s always next year.

3 days left!  <3  Stay warm, friends!


Repertoire Challenge: October, November, December Update


Classical Christmas Music | Lacie Bowman Music

Yoohoo, I’m back! Where have I been, you ask… Gooooood question. It’s been such a flurry around here that even I don’t know where I went. Nevertheless, while I was wherever I was I missed 2 months of repertoire challenge updates. Mainly because I didn’t have any updates. At least not repertoire challenge ones.  Here’s what happened.

All of OCTOBER I was down with morning sickness… because I’m expecting again! And it’s a GIRL!!! My two little munchkins are going to be 12 months apart, so…… I think that means we’re officially going to be a circus family.  :D  More on that next year.

BTW, morning sickness totally forgot that it was just supposed to be in the morning.

At the beginning of NOVEMBER my grandfather passed away, and we made an emergency trip out-of-state for his funeral. After that, my grandmother came to live with us for two weeks. THAT was so wonderful. Then, November was over and DECEMBER was here.

And I stared at my repertoire list. And I saw that I had 10 pieces to finish and only 4 weeks to finish them in. And I’ll be out of state again Christmas week. So really, 3 weeks.



I have 8 learned, 8 re-learned, and 8 to go. And 14 days. Including today. And my Christmas vacation days.

So. Shall we bring on the hot chocolate and see what happens? I guess I have no choice! :D

(Actually, make that a bucket of lemon water, cause i’m still kinda nauseated these days. ;)

Here’s a brief update on what I’ve done since the last update in September:


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learned ||  Bach Fugue, No. 2 in c minor

Because how could I NOT learn this one?

learned || Greig Arietta, Op. 12, No. 1

So elegant. So dreamy. I’ve played two pieces by Greig: The Wedding Day at Troldhaugen and this one.  And I might just like this one best of all.  :)

learned || Dvorak Humoresque, Op. 102, No.7

I learned this one on the violin when I was twelve, and it was squeaky, redundant, and, quite frankly, annoying.  On the piano it’s totally different – blooming with rich chords and so beautifully expressive!  The only thing the same is the melody.  :D

learned || Granados May Song, Op. 1, No. 3

The May Song is a lovely little wedding piece for the piano.  I first heard it when I was 11, and my sweet Mother has wanted me to learn it ever since.  I’ve taught it to students, but I’ve just now sat down and smoothed out all of the wrinkles.  And I love it.

re-learned || Beethoven Sonata Op. 13 “Pathetique”, Mvt. 2 

I learned and performed the complete Pathetique Sonata back in 2007, and this movement is still one of my all-time favorites.  Three layers of beautiful voices with breathtaking chords and gloriously subtle phrasing…  Beethoven was a genius.


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I’ll give one last update on the final state of the nations at the end of this month, so…  stay tuned! (Read my original repertoire challenge.)

Toodles!  ;)

Repertoire Challenge: September Update


Month Two of my Repertoire Challenge is done!  Whew.  It was a GREAT month, though definitely harder than last.

I organized the music for an amazing history event last weekend called Remembering WWII.   My sister & I also performed some wartime songs – I sang, and she played piano – and I was busy all month writing those arrangements.  We had people attend from all over Tennessee & several other states, as well as twelve WWII veterans! It was an incredible weekend, and I wouldn’t have missed it for anything.
Also, Baby stopped liking to sit on my lap during practice…  which means my piano time is now limited to, like, 15 minutes a day.
Those two factors made this month’s Repertoire Challenge… well… challenging.  ;)  It would have been easy if I could have just substituted writing the arrangements for learning the new repertoire, but that would have defeated the whole point of the Repertoire Challenge – to learn the repertoire on top of everything else.  No subs.
So… that’s why I could often be found at the piano wondering if I should spend my 15 minutes arranging “It Hurts to Say Goodbye” or practicing Bach’s Italian Concerto.  :D
In the end, I got it all done, but just by a hair.
Here are the pieces I worked on this month.


[hr color=”dark-grey” width=”500px” border_width=”1px” ]


learned ||  Debussy Arabesque, No. 1

It’s a classic, and I LOVE it.  I never cared much for Debussy before this year, but I am really beginning to admire the harmonic color in his simpler pieces.  The dissonance is not as bold as in his advanced pieces (etudes, preludes, etc.), and the melodies are really quite enchanting.  He is a master of nuance.  I’m a new fan.  :)

relearned || Pieczonka Tarantella

I learned this when I was 12, and it’s been one of my favorites ever since.  It’s quick, feisty, and in minor (WIN!).  I’ve had a few students learn and perform this one, so between myself and them, I’ve heard it for hundreds of hours on end.  Still, I never get tired of it. And, boy, is it fun to play.

relearned || Joplin Maple Leaf Rag

I had planned to learn Glinka’s L’Alouette, but baby decided he didn’t want that one. I often play for him to fall asleep, and he used to drift off to soothing melodies like Clair de Lune and Chopin Noctunes. Not any more. His current lullaby of choice? The Maple Leaf Rag. He falls asleep to it almost every time. Crazy? Yep. But there’s that.  :)

relearned || Bach Italian Concerto, Mvt. 1

I learned this movement of the Italian Concerto back in 2006 before I loved Bach.  It’s been my faithful friend at many piano competitions, local to national, over the years (along with the 3rd movement, which I learned in 2007), and now that I’m a Bach insane-iac, it does my heart good just to play it.  <3


[hr color=”dark-grey” width=”500px” border_width=”1px” ]


So here’s the new rep for this month:

Dvorak, Humoresque, Op. 101, No. 7
Glinka, L’Alouette

Bach, Prelude & Fugue No. 2 in c minor
Mendelssohn, Scherzo Op.16, No. 2


Click here to read my original challenge and see my current progress.

This month is going to be waay more crazy than last month.  Can’t tell you why just yet…  But I will SOON, so stay tuned!