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Hymn Challenge 2016_LacieBowmanMusic

Join Us for Hymn Challenge 2016!

.– When I mentioned that I had challenged myself to memorize one hymn a month in 2016 last week, several people said that they would be interested in an online “group” of sorts where we could encourage one another and hold ourselves and each other accountable on our hymn memorization goals this year. . So…. I started the Hymn […]

Articles for Parents


How to Prepare Your Child for Music Lessons

  – Nurturing a love and appreciation for music in your child is an important and beautiful preparation for formal music lessons. Someone has to invest time into developing their interest in music, and there is no better person than their own Mommy or Daddy! When preparing your little people for music lessons, keep these […]

Free Theory Worksheets

Free Printable Theory Worksheets MAJOR SCALES | The Music Blog

3 Free Theory Worksheet Printables: Major Scales

  Here are today’s 3 free printables!  These three theory worksheets are focused on strengthening the student’s ability to recognize and work with white-key major scales.  Complete descriptions & download directions are below.  Enjoy!   WORKSHEET 1:  IDENTIFYING MAJOR SCALES This worksheet on is designed to help students identify scales as they are notated on the […]